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Dothan Alabama Drug Testing

Drug Testing

We can help you to set up a new drug testing program and policy or help to review your current policy.  We provide Instant Urine drug screens for all of the common drugs of abuse. We also do hair and nail drug testing which can provide a usage history for up to a year. So, whether you just want to see if a substance is ‘out of your system’ so that you can go to that job interview with peace of mind or if you need to begin a D.O.T. drug testing program for your drivers.. we can help. Walk-Ins are welcome.   We also provide all types of DNA Testing.
Dothan Alabama Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug testing is rapidly proving to be one of the best methodologies for drug testing. Hair testing is very difficult to adulterate, is easy and non-invasive to obtain and can show a drug-use history up to 3 months. The most common Hair test panels are the 5, 7, 9 and 12 panel tests. And the fees range for $85 – $250. Hair testing is often done by organization who are serious about  ensuring that their money managers are drug free.  Hair testing is also a favorite methodology of the court system (again due to it’s ability to detect illicit drug use as far back as 3 months).

Dothan Alabama Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing can be performed with blood, hair or urine. Depending on your specific needs-An immediate result can be obtained by performing a Breath Alcohol test. Breath alcohol testing is typically performed to assess an individual’s current alcohol content. Breath alcohol testing equates the same as a serum (blood) alcohol test. However, breath alcohol testing is rapid, non-invasive and cheaper. Breath alcohol testing is the standard testing methodology utilized by the Department of Transportation as well as most employers.

Dothan Alabama Self Pay Labwork

Self Pay Labwork

Would you like to know your cholesterol or other lab results but don’t want to deal with the hassle of Insurance premiums, co-pays and doctor visits?

We may be able to help. At Health-Link, you can walk in without appointment and without a prescription. Simply tell us what lab work you would like done and we can typically have results with 1-2 business days. There are literally thousands of tests available and the costs are drastically reduced. Most tests, that would cost hundreds of dollars with insurance, are as little as $25.

Another great benefit is that when you use our self-pay lab services, you pay at the time of service and you decide what to do with the results. If the results are normal then you may just want to keep them with your records. However, if you have a result that you want to review with your physician, you may be able to be treated in just one office visit (since you will already have your results when you go).

Dothan Alabama DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Health-Link has been providing DNA Testing services around the globe for over 20 years.

We work with professional athletes and regularly perform collection services for shows like Montel and Maury. Let us help you answer those questions once and for all. Whether it is simply for peace of mind or if you need to satisfy the Social Security Administration or Immigration. We can help. We can arrange for DNA testing for Paternity, Maternity, Grand-Parentage, Siblingship and even Pre-natal testing (before the baby has arrived). Regardless of location of the parties to be tested… one call and one of our caring representatives will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

We will save you money. Our testing fees are among the lowest in the nation. Consider this: If you paid Child Support of $400 per month for 18 years, that would total: $86,400. Can you afford not to test? 

Call us today, toll free: 888-712-9639 or for more information check out our DNA website at


Mention that you found us online and we will deduct $100 from our standard DNA testing fee!


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corporate drug testing
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